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Young Lives Matter


Don’t let anyone tell you that adolescent and teen years are the best. They have always been challenging years of struggle for identity, acceptance, skill development, relationship building and tough decisions about the way forward. 

However, this generation is different from other teen generations. People have always talked about generation gaps, but today we’re facing the widest one the world has ever seen. It’s a chasm of unbelievable dimensions, filled with unmanageable monsters of confusion. The socioeconomic environment has reached a tipping point and mental health issues among kids, parents and the community have reached an all-time high.

We’re shockingly at the place where suicide is the second leading cause of death among our precious kids. The pressures imposed by all the bullying, abuse, expectations and uncertainties of our fragmented culture are too much.

Come-join hands & hearts with us.

✦ It’s up to all of us to help the kids of this generation find a way through the chaos to hope and a solid future where fear does not exist.

That’s what LifeNet is all about.

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Upcoming Events

LifeNet Sharing Hope Walk

Walk With Us!

Show Today’s Teens We Care

Staring July 1, Canada Day, we’re walking to Ottawa as a demonstration of support for today’s teens.

Starting points to be determined. Check back for updates.

With suicide having become epidemic, we’ve got to reach out. Join us at a Sharing Hope Wrap-up Rally in Ottawa. Details to follow.

Get your sign-up sheet, wristband, t-shirt and sponsor sheet.


Join us Sept. 28, 2024 for a LifeNet Sharing Hope Concert, featuring The Toronto Mass Choir and more of your favorite artists in a Gaither-style sing along at the Crossroads Centre in Burlington.

Tickets will be available September 1 from info@lifenet4hope.com

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Of teenagers consider suicide.

(Americal Psychological Association report 2021)

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of teens report persistent feelings of hopelessness.

(CDC Report 2023)


of people died by suicide in each of Canada and the US in 2023.

(CDC Report in 2023)

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We have chosen orange as our signature colour because, besides its energizing beauty, it is symbolic of the stripping away of culture, freedom and self-esteem experienced by generations of indigenous children. It is this stripping away of our culture once based on solid values and appreciation for life that has left many Gen Zers critically off balance. Orange says, «We stand with you and love you and remind you of sunrise and a new day in your precious life.»


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