The View menu in iBooks Author

Visualización en iBooks Author

The View in iBooks Author helps us hide or show different tools from iBA. This is what we can find:


The view menu in iBooks Author
The view menu

Glossary Toolbar

This helps us edit the term that we will add to the Glossary. In this Toolbar you can find: 

Glossary Toolbar in iBooks Author
Glossary Toolbar

New Glossary Term. You can add terms from here, or when you highlight text, it appears here to be added.

Index Link for. From here you can add terms that Don’t exactly match but are related. To do this, we select a term from our text, and select the “Index Link” from the dropdown menu; and then, the Add Link button.

Glossary. The last option we get is Glossary with two arrows pointing to the right. When clicking here, it takes us to the Glossary.


Styles Drawer

Here you can select from a list of Styles like: Paragraph, Character, and List. This window appears on one of the sides, it could be on the right or the left, just make sure you make your window smaller by dragging from the sides to see where it is.

Styles Drawer in iBooks Author
Styles Drawer


When selecting this option, you get the layouts on the left side toolbar. It includes Chapters and Sections.

Layouts option in iBooks Author
Layouts option

Format Bar

This bar changes depending on what we have selected, it could be text, an image, a table, a widget, or any other object.

Format bar in iBooks Author
Format bar


This option enables upper and left side rulers. From here we can change the paragraph’s indents.

Rulers in iBooks Author

Layout Boundaries

This shows the borders around the elements in a page, I really don’t use this, but you may find it useful.

Layout Boundaries in iBooks Author
Layout Boundaries


This “P-like” symbol is called Pilcrow, and it’s very helpful to make sure we didn’t miss double spaces between words, double line spaces, etc.

Recapping, the View in iBooks Author helps us show and hide several important tools to take our eBook to the next level with Glossary, Text Styles, and other useful things.


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